2023 South Florida Greek Film Festival

Published on: 19th September, 2023

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Saturday October 14

  • Savor Cinema: 503 SE 6th Street, Ft Lauderdale
  • 6:00pm red carpet
  • 6:45pm movie 123 min
  • Followed by reception sponsored by (

Eftihia: The story of songwriter Eftyhia Papagiannopoulou (1893-1972), who escaped the burning of Smyrna and journeyed to Athens, Greece, where she became a major figure in Greek popular music. Her lyrics have become some of the greatest and most timeless hits, such as "Perasmenes mou agapes", "Oniro Apatilo", "Ime aitos horis ftera”, "Iliovasilemata", "I fantasia", "Ise i zoi mou", "Mandubala", "St ‘ Apostoli to koutouki", "Petradaki, petradaki", "Mou spasane ton baglama", "Dio portes ehi izoi" ("To telefteo vradi mou"), "Rihte sto giali farmaki”.

Direction: Angelos Frantzis

Screenplay: Katerina Bei

Starring Kariofilia Karabeti, Katia Goulioni, Pigmalion Dadakaridis, Thanos Tokakis and Dina Michailidou

Sunday October 15

Savor Cinema

  • Savor Cinema: 503 SE 6th Street, Ft Lauderdale
  • 2:00 PM

"Venizelos: the struggle for Asia Minor”

Eleftherios Venizelos, one of Greece's greatest statesmen, faces challenges that test his diplomatic and humanitarian skills during the critical decade from the Balkan Wars and World War I, up to the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne. His struggle is told through dramatized scenes, rare archival material, and expert interviews.

Nikos Dayandas is a Greek director, writer, researcher, editor, and producer who has worked on international co-productions for broadcasters such as NATGEO, ARTE, and ZDF. He also collaborates with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

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