Episode 1

Meet Us on the Dance Floor: Getting to Know Anastacia and Stelios Zoumberakis

Published on: 2nd February, 2022

We had an absolutely amazing time with the Zoumberakis family! Don't miss some outtakes at the end of the episode!

Check out Stacie's bio below:

Anastacia (Stacie) Zoumberakis has been involved in The Metropolis of San Francisco’s Folk Dance Festival Ministry for over 30 years.  Starting her Greek dance career at 7 years old, she continued dancing for 20 years, ten of which were with the Olympian dancers. 

She has directed for over 20 years, including groups of all different ages, including adult groups with her husband, Stelios Zoumberakis, who has been a dance judge at FDF (Greek Folk Dance Festival hosted by the Metropolis of San Francisco) and HDF (Hellenic Dance Festival hosted by the Metropolis of Atlanta). Throughout the years she developed a passion for all regions of Greece. She has participated in various symposia around the world, including Mazoxi in Crete, Yasoo! Symposiums in Seattle, and various symposia in Northern and Southern California. She currently has extended her knowledge of dance by helping dance groups through Southern and Northern California and providing them with resources for dances,  music, and costumes. Currently, her passion continues through judging at HDF for the last 5 years and helping directors from the Atlanta diocese.

Mrs. Zoumberakis specializes in many areas of Greece, with a concentration in Crete, the Cyclades, the Dodekanisa, and Thrace.  A founding member of the Long Beach Greek Dance and Cultural Arts School, she helped write the by-laws that are upheld today, making it one of the most successful dance programs on the West Coast.  Acknowledging the need for directors, she helped implement a mentoring program in 2004 for young dancers who had an interest in directing.  Since that time, she has helped train over 30 new directors in Long Beach, fostering a wonderful directing team that has learned about teamwork and the importance of instilling our culture and the love of Greek dance to our youth. This program continues with her “students” becoming mentors for the next generation of directors.

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