Episode 3

Meet Us On the Dance Floor: Getting to Know Joe Graziosi

Published on: 4th May, 2022

Joe Kaloyanides Graziosi, from the Boston area, has done extensive research on regional dance in Greece and among Greek communities in the U.S. Drawn to Greek music and dance from a young age Joe was an enthusiastic participant in the Greek church dance and New England area community music scene and danced and taught in the Boston area amateur dance groups “Helios Dancers” and “Meraklides” in the latter 1970s after returning from a semester abroad program in Greece in 1975 where he did dance research under the guidance of the noted folklorist Ted Petrides, concentrating at the time on the dance traditions of the Greeks of Anatolia. He has taught throughout the world for community groups and at major folk dance camps, including the Balkan Music and Dance Workshops since 1982, and has taught regularly with Greek performing groups throughout North America. He was a co- founder of New York's Greek American Folklore Society (GAFS) along with its director, Paul Ginis, where he taught throughout the decade of the 80s.

Joe has taught and introduced people to Greek dance in Taiwan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and England and has taught regularly in Japan since 1990 where he will be returning this summer of 2022.. He has served as judge and advisor for the west coast Greek Orthodox (San Francisco Metropolis) Folk Dance Festival (FDF) since 1984, as well as judge and advisor for the Atlanta Metropolis’ Hellenic Dance Festival (HDF) for 20 odd years. He is, along with Ahmet Luleci, co-founder of the annual World Music & Dance Camp, now in Iroquois Springs, NY and in its 26 the anniversary year, 2022.

He was co-director and organizer of the 1982 Greek Music Tour sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Ethnic Folk Arts Center of NY and the New York State Council for the Arts which brought together major exponents of regional traditional folk music from both Greece and the Greek American communities. In conjunction, he was co-author and co-editor of the accompanying booklet “Greek Music Tour” and consultant for archival recordings of participating musicians. He is also a contributing author to the 2019 book “Greek Music in America” edited by Tina Bucavalas and published by the University Press of Mississippi. During the 1990s and early 2000s Joe was co-organizer and co-host, along with former FDF judge John Lulias, of several tours to Greece, with a concentration on local culture, cuisine, music and dance. Since the onset of covid he has been teaching a weekly on line Greek folk dance class via zoom. Joe produces CD compilations of hard to find regional folk dance music.

His contact information is, email: horoswithjoe@yahoo.com and cell phone: 508-415-4345

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