Episode 3

Meet us on the dance floor: Getting to Know Kostas Mitsis

Published on: 14th June, 2023

Kostas Mitsis was born in 1975, in Munich/Germany and moved to Preveza/Greece in 1976, where traditional dance and music held a significant role in his everyday life. He studied Agriculture at the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki and Greek Dance and Songs at Lykeion ton Ellinidon of Athens and several other institutions. He speaks Greek, English and German.

Kostas has devoted his career to the rich musical and dance traditions of Greece. He is involved for 36 years in the traditional realm as a folk dancer as well a dance instructor, presenting his work on Greek music and dancing traditions in seminars and symposiums in 26 countries around the World.

Kostas has been active in traditional singing since 2002 and covers a wide repertoire from all over Greece. He has worked and continues to collaborate with some of the most renowned folk musicians of Greece.

He has appeared and conducted performances twice at the Herodes Atticus Odeon at the Acropolis of Athens, at the Athens and Thessaloniki Concert Halls, at the ancient theater of Dion the ancient odeon of Nicopolis and many theaters and concert halls around Greece and the World. Kostas is touring every year in America, Canada and Europe performing at various festivals and concerts of the Greek Diaspora. He has appeared on the Greek TV several times to the most renowned TV shows as well as in numerous radio shows in Greece, America, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Germany.

In 2011 Universal Music Greece has released his CD “A Piece of Greece” with the 16 most renowned Greek folk songs. He also organizes annually the biggest folk dance seminar in Greece in Preveza area the first weekend of July.

Contact Info

Cell: +30-6972-972-957

Email: mitsisk@gmail.com

Social Media

Facebook Page: Κώστας Μήτσης - Kostas Mitsis, www.facebook.com/kostasmitsis.gr

(50.000 followers, Leading in Greece among the Folk Singers)

YouTube: Kostas Mitsis, www.youtube.com/kostasmitsis (36.500 subscribers, Leading in

Greece among the Folk Singers)

Instagram: kostas_mitsis

LinkedIn: Kostas Mitsis

Twitter: Kostas Mitsis

Episode Music Credit: Kostas Mitsis

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