Episode 2

Meet us on the dance floor: Getting to know Paul Calzada

Published on: 15th September, 2021

Paul Calzada was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL before moving to Hollywood, FL at a young age. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Florida and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering from there as well. He is a "Gruban" (Greek Cuban) American; His father is from Cuba and his mother's parents are from Greece, specifically Kremasti, Rhodes and Agrosikia, Pellas (Pontian roots). He began his dance journey in Hollywood, FL from a young age in elementary through high school under the direction of different instructors: first Anna Karan, then Aleko Sofianos, and finally Jordan Elrod. All of whom taught him various aspects of the Greek folk music and dance tradition. This group in Hollywood, Klironomia, performed at various local and metropolis functions including festivals, fundraisers, and the Hellenic Dance Festival for many years, winning various awards.

In university, he desired to bring the same fervor for Greek dance to his college town in Gainesville, FL by directing the Greek American Student Association dance group with UF. The group labeled the "UF GASA Dancers" performed at various university and local functions. He then founded the Afieroma Greek Dance Program at St. Elizabeth Greek Orthodox church in Gainesville in 2018 to bring the dance community into the church. He is currently director of the college age group and enjoys teaching various dances from all over Greece with great emphasis on the Dodecanese. The group attended its first HDF in 2020, competing and winning awards in the Senior category for its Agios Dimitrios, Karystos, Evia and Monastiraki, Drama performances. Paul greatly enjoys being able to teach authentic and unique content while dancing with his closest friends.

His contact information is below:

Paul Calzada

Email: paul.calzada@ufl.edu

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