Episode 4

Meet Us on the Dance Floor: Getting to know the Metropolis of Boston Dance Group and the 2024 Kefi Dance Conference

Published on: 14th April, 2024

The Metropolis of Boston Dance Group (MYDG) is a not-for-profit Greek folk dance group founded in 1989 by Niki Dimotaki-Sokolove under the auspices of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and is the only dance group in North America certified by the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre of Athens, Greece.

The mission established by founder Niki Dimotaki-Sokolove and His Eminence was to instill the culture and tradition of Hellenism and the appreciation of this great heritage in the Greek Orthodox youth of the Boston Metropolis through fellowship, learning, folk dances, and songs. The program of instruction was designed by Kiria Νίκi to emphasize the authentic aspects of Greek folk dance, including music recorded with regional instruments and costumes hand-sewn by ελληνοράφτες.

Today, under the direction of Dr. John Pappas, the program strives to maintain the established mission and uphold the authenticity of our heritage while building upon the foundations set by Niki Dimotaki-Sokolove and His Eminence.

Kefi Conference 

The Metropolis of Boston Dance Group is thrilled to announce the first ever international dance conference in Boston which will take place October 11-14, 2024. Participation from multiple states in the US and regions of Canada are expected to attend. 

Dance workshops will be led by instructors from Greece who preserve the authentic styles of the dances of their region. 

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