Episode 1

Season 4: The Lost Episode with Dimitri Carabas

Published on: 31st May, 2023

Dimitri Carabas is a Composer currently living in Astoria, Queens. He attended The University of Nevada Las Vegas where he earned a Bachelors in Classical Music Composition. There, his writing focused on Post-Romantic and Minimalist styles. With a growing interest in merging Classical writing and Electronics he set his eyes on a Technology degree after his Undergrad. It was in Valencia, Spain where he would earn a Masters in Music Technology, Production, and Innovation from the Berklee College of Music. During this program he focused on Synthesis, Electronic Production, and Video Production.

It is his intention as an artist to tour an ensemble, combining instruments from the Classical tradition with Synthesizers and striking visuals. 

Dimitri is the director and founder of Meraki Folk Dance New York, a successful independent dance group in the New York City area.



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