Episode 3

Meet Us on the Dance Floor: Getting to know Michael Giamalakis

Published on: 28th December, 2023

Michael grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and from the age of 8 is where he discovered his love and passion for Greek Dancing. Fast forward over 20 years later, Michael still has that passion. Michael has participated in the GOYA dance groups, Dionysios College aged dance group, and the Minotavros Cretan dance groups in Salt Lake City. After his time in the youth groups was complete, he has since became an instructor for the youth dance groups to pass on the traditions to younger generations and hopes to keep the tradition alive for many years to come!

Michael is also heavily involved with his church community by volunteering at the Greek Festival, and most recently serving on the Parish Council. His love for his faith and culture were inspired by his parents and grandparents.

Watch the 11th Day Documentary here

Episode Music Credit: Manolis Kottoros

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