Episode 2

Meet us on the dance floor: Getting to know Nektarios S. Antoniou

Published on: 27th December, 2023

Nektarios S. Antoniou, is the new Principal Cantor of the Ascension Cathedral, Oakland, is a member of the American Academy of Composers, Authors and Publishers, writes & produces Music for PBS' "The Life of Loi". He is the Founding & Artistic Director of Schola Cantorum (which recorded the encyclopedic: “A Story of the City: Constantinople-Istanbul” with a Grammy Award winning and nominated cast). He produced, curated the Byzantine Music for the "Augmented Realities Series" for the Behrakis Galleries, in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Arvo Pärt’s haunting O Holy Father Nicholas at the MET Museum (including being featured in 13 Pop Up concerts). He was the convener, conductor and soloist for the UCLA/USC's acclaimed "Byzantine Soundscapes". He taught Byzantine music at Hellenic College for ten years, and Directed the Department of Greek Music and Chant at the Conservatory of Northern Greece/ Conservatoire de Thessalonique. He returned to the US as Principal Cantor and Director of Culture at the Holy Trinity Archdiocesan Cathedral. At Yale he was awarded the University's ISM Director's Prize, conducted, directed and presented cultural programs; the CREDO concert for Jaroslav Pelican and introduced the Summer Iconography Studio. He has authored, edited and translated several books and catalogues including Maestro Dimitri Mitropoulos’ Autograph Notes with Dr. Nicholas Zervas of Harvard.

Polis Ensemble: Hellenic Sound

Polis Ensemble: Calanda (Music Art Lab, 2023)

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